Ordering Breeder Queens


What Is A Breeder Queen?

VP Queen Bees produces Artificially Inseminated queen bees used as breeders. A breeder queen is used to produce many daughter queens. Folks who use our breeder queens are queen bee producers and commercial operators who migrate for pollination and/or honey production. Any apiculturalist or beekeeper needing foundation stock to produce many quality queens should consider our breeder queens. Their heredity is based on our diverse population where we select for VSH expression, productivity and manageability. We do not treat for Varroa mites in our operation.


Products & Prices

  • AI Breeder Queen                   $200.00 + shipping (see note below)
  • Honey Bee Semen for AI         $8.00/microliter + shipping
  • Virgin Queens                         $25.00 + shipping (see note below)
  • Custom Insemination              Contact us for quote



AI Breeder Queens ordered with specific custom selection instructions will cost $250.00.


Virgins: We will be making a limited number of virgin queens throughout the season as our schedule allows. Virgin orders are filled first come/first served. We'll fill orders from our running list. Please Contact us to add your order to the list; we'll need your shipping information.



Please follow these steps to order:

1. We will need your full address, zip code, and a good phone number.

2. List strain(s), quantity and desired delivery date(s).

3. List any special selection instructions. (color, type of cross, etc.).

This will make up your order.

Contact us with your order


When we receive your order, we'll schedule it and manage any special instructions and shipping information. Orders will be processed first come, first served. We will reach out to you if we have any questions. When we have your order information complete, we will email your invoice.  (Or use US Postal Mail).


To finalize your order:

Please check over your invoice.

Pay to lock in your order: we accept personal/biz checks or credit cards. (Credit card info is taken over the telephone to ensure security, please call to pay with your card).


Shipping: Mid-April through Late-October

We do have some production flexibility (depending on the weather). You may certainly request your order for a specific date, however we're not going to sacrifice a breeder queen's quality to meet a shipping date: Our goal is to produce the best quality stock.

For early Spring grafting from our queens, we recommend you order to take delivery in September - November and over-Winter your breeders.

 We'll be in touch as we get nearer to actual shipping dates.

We will contact you prior to shipping your order.



Contact us: By telephone: please leave a message if we're not in and we'll call you back as soon as we get in. By email--we'll respond as soon as we can.



We take every step to see that the breeder queens you order arrive healthy; ready to work for you. However, we can't guarantee live delivery. We use UPS Next Day Air service.


Custom Insemination Service

Our Custom insemination service is very flexible. One option is to ship your properly aged virgins to our facility. Once inseminated with our semen, your queens are shipped back to you. Please Contact us for more details on this service and allow us to provide you a quote. Use our "We'll Call" form and we'll contact you at your convenience.


International Orders

We can ship semen anywhere in the world. Please check with your laws regarding importation of honey bee germplasm before you contact us. To purchase semen for making AI crosses, you must be able to legally receive imported honey bee semen from the USA. If you are unsure, contact your Agriculture Departement or Customs office.












Questions? We'll Call