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 Adam Finkelstein and Kelly Rausch Owners of VP Queen Bees
Adam Finkelstein & Kelly Rausch

Adam has a broad background in Agriculture and the Biological sciences. He's been breeding queen bees since the late '80s. Kelly does biological consulting for the NIAID, at the NIH. She has been using Artificial Insemination techniques to make VP's crosses since 1999. They met in a university Entomology class. Adam and Kelly formed VP Queen Bees in 2008. Kelly manages the queen bee insemination program. Adam manages the rest of the operation. See more about us and watch our videos .

Kelly Rausch and Adam Finkelstein checking drones
 Test Cross and Drone Colonies
VP Queen Bees produces Artificially Inseminated queen bees used as breeders. A breeder queen is used to produce many daughter queens. Folks who use our breeder queens are queen bee producers, commercial operators who migrate for pollination and/or honey production and beekeepers needing varroa resistant queens used as foundation stock for their queen production.