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Production Queens Grafted From VP Queen Bees VSH Breeder Queens

The queen producers listed below make open-mated production queens from our Artificially Inseminated Breeder Queens. They have requested to be listed:

Brooks Mill Farms

Brooks Mill Farms
980-333-5841 - North Carolina. VSH Italian, VSH Pol-line 2.2. Queens. Nucs.

Brad Folsland

605-482-8589 - South Dakota. VSH Italian. Cells, 5-Frame Nucs.

Gingrich Apiaries, LLC

717-292-1249 - Pennsylvania. VSH Carniolan, VSH Survivors. Queens, Virgins.

Lamb's Honey Farm

Lamb's Honey Farm
Texas/North Dakota. VSH Pol-line 2.2. Cells, Queens.
(Minimum Order Required).

Master Grafters of Florida, LLC

Master Grafters of Florida
813-480-2947 - Florida. VSH Pol-line 2.2, VSH Carniolan. Queens.

M & N Apiary

912-294-6123 - Georgia. VSH Pol-line 2.2. Queens.

Nature's Hand Apiary

240-925-2196 - Maryland. VSH Carniolan. Queens.

Scott's Bee Rock Honey and Queens

Scott's Bee Rock Honey and Queens
805-528-6789 - California. VSH Pol-line 2.2. Queens.

The B Farm

The B Farm
978-667-5380 - Louisiana. VSH Pol-line 2.2. Nucs, Queens.

Walnut Farm Bees
717-514-9891 - Pennsylvania. VSH Carniolan. Queens, Nucs. (Nucs local pick up only).

7 Stands Bee Farm

7 Stands Bee Farm
336-984-7768 - North Carolina. VSH Survivors. Nucs, Queens.

Lambs Honey Farm Yard
VSH Spartan breeder queen brood pattern
Lambs honey farm crew finding queens
Drone and test colony yard at VP Queen Bees
Breeder queen holding nucs at VP Queen Bees
Open mated VSH Carniolan/Spartan queen