VP Queen Bees, the USDA and VSH Stock

We are very pleased to announce that we have entered into an agreement (2013) with the USDA to receive VSH and Pol-line breeding stock from the USDA Bee Breeding Lab, to use in propagation and breeding of stock that expresses the mite resistant traits known as VSH. The agreement permits us to make available to the beekeeping public, breeding stock from known VSH sources as AI breeder queens or through insemination-ready honey bee semen.

We use pure USDA VSH breeding material to cross with other VSH stocks and select for desirable traits including: superior brood and colony build-up, honey production, workability and gentleness: all show mite resistance. Some of our strains are also selected to over-Winter well if the colonies are kept in colder areas. We offer a Pol-line program strain in addition to our VP VSH Italian and VP VSH Carniolan strains.

Kelly at the USDA Bee Lab, Baton Rouge who we work with in breeding bees