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Our mite resistant VSH breeder queens perform!

A satisfied customer is our goal. If we can make you breeding stock that improves your bottom-line or enhances your breeding population with mite resistance and brood/honey production, we've succeeded.

We have many different breeding strains that we use to maintain and produce our four foundation strains: VSH Italian (Allegro), VSH Carniolan (Spartan), the Pol-line and our newest offering, the VSH Pol-line 2.2. We select for VSH expression and have an ongoing relationship with the USDA Baton Rouge bee breeding lab.

We can make you any cross combination imparting mite resistance with the VSH trait. Some of our customers opt for high brood production/buildup in their breeders. Contact us to discuss your options with our strains that will produce VSH bees.

vsh italian ai breeder queen
Breeder queen holding nuc yard and nucs
VP VSH Italian (Allegro)

queens are framed on the Italian phenotype. They build up quickly in the Spring and can be split sooner. They rear strong brood into the Fall. Good VSH Expression.

VP VSH Carniolan (Spartan)

queens are framed on the Carniolan phenotype. They build up more slowly then VP VSH Italian, but produce enormous brood nests and worker populations in time for the honey flow. They slow up if the nectar/pollen availability lessens and they make a conservative Fall brood nest. Good VSH Expression.


queens have a combination of the best traits required for pollination and high honey production. They were developed by the USDA to express Varroa Sensitive Hygienic behavior (VSH) to a functional level for controlling mites and brood disease, while maintaining the high productivity required in today's challenging commercial beekeeping environment. Pol-line breeders will produce a wide assortment of phenotypes. Good selection from daughters should result in some highly desirable stock. Read the latest research abstract on the Pol-line. Colors may vary.

VSH Pol-line 2.2

queens are our newest offering. Their selection comes out of a breeding population similar to the USDA Pol-line program. Selection criteria centers on mite-resistance, production, tempermant, build-up and longevity. Breeding candidates build up strongly, produce high honey yields and have low mite infestations. This breeding program is ongoing as we all continue to select and improve this mite resistant, high performing honey bee stock. In collaboration with the USDA Bee Lab initially, and currently with original Pol-line partners, these breeder queens are now available. Open-mated queens are available from the VSH Pol-line 2.2 partners.

We can custom select your breeders: color, brood production, over-Wintering cluster...Contact us today to discuss.